Thursday, May 25, 2023

Did The Covid-19 Pandemic Affect Mental Health? New Gallup Poll

The current economic and political climate is enough to make anyone feel down, but for many Americans, the problem is far more serious as a new poll shows an increasing number of Americans are being officially diagnosed with clinical depression. A newly released Gallup poll found that the percentage of American adults who report they have received a diagnosis of depression at some time in their life has hit 29 percent. This is a full 10 percentage points greater than 2015’s figure. Meanwhile, the percentage of Americans who report either being treated for depression in the past or currently receiving treatment has risen to 17.8 percent, marking a rise of seven points in the same time period. The poll involved more than 5,000 American adults and was conducted during the last week of February. It is part of the ongoing Gallup National Health and Wellbeing Index. Gallup reports that these are the biggest rates on record since they started this particular measure of depression among Americans. Women, young people and minorities are more likely to report depression Certain groups are experiencing depression at higher rates. For example, women are far more likely to be diagnosed with depression than men, with 36.7 percent of women reporting receiving a depression diagnosis at some time in their life versus just 20.4 percent of men. The rate of depression among women has climbed at nearly double the rate seen in men. This may be due, at least in part, to the fact that women tend to be more proactive in seeking treatment for mental health issues than men. Women have historically reported significantly greater rates of depression than men, but the gap has grown bigger since the pandemic. 

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