Sunday, May 21, 2023

EXCLUSIVE: Dutch farmer ‘families are crying at the kitchen table every day’ and some have committed suicide, warns Dutch MEP Robert Roos about government farm expropriation plans

By John Cody, Remix News

Currently, the Dutch government is looking to offer buyouts for 3,000 farms in the Netherlands, and if they do not accept, their land will be confiscated  The government is offering them 120 percent of the value of their land. A) Do you think that’s a fair offer, and B) Do you think they’re going to fight it?

It’s not fair at all because they have smashed these farmers for years now, and the people are so desperate that many families are crying at the kitchen table every day, and even a couple of farmers committed suicide already. Really, it’s that bad. Our government and also the banks supported a plan to create bigger farms, so the farmers bought the land of their neighbors, and they created huge farms because that was the policy promoted by the government and also by the banks. They wanted the farms to scale up their businesses. And now, suddenly the policy is to make smaller farms. This is also the EU policy. Then, you add nitrogen regulations. These farmers now have these huge farms, which means big debts, huge debts, because they had to invest. And now, the government comes up with the idea that they have this nitrogen problem, and farms need to close or be reduced in size.

10,000 Dutch farmers protest government’s crippling nitrogen emissions target in The Hague

Protesters claim the Dutch government is lying about the extent of the emissions problem in order to grab privately owned land

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