Saturday, May 20, 2023

HEADLINE NEWSWhile Liberals Rage About ‘Gun Control’ The Fentanyl Drug Crisis In San Francisco Is Killing Thousands And Turning The Famed City Into A Dystopian Ruin


A new ad campaign, dubbed ‘That’s Fentalife!’ aims to catch the attention of residents and elected officials by placing colorful advertisements in different parts of San Francisco where drug use is exceedingly and heartbreakingly high. Crooner Tony Bennett had massive success with his trademark song ‘I Left My Heart In San Francisco’, harking to a day where the fame ‘city by the bay’ was one of the crown jewels in the promised land of California. That was then, this is now, and what has become of San Francisco? Thanks to drugs like fentanyl, it has become a dystopian ruin populated by drug addled zombies whose flesh is literally rotting off their bones and falling into the streets. 

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